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Find out who came out on top in our side-by-side mattress comparison of the internationally-awarded Emma mattress and the Noa mattress.

Disclaimer: The reviews and ratings are based on criteria that our sleep experts deem important. This is a comparison site operated by DIBMat GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of Emma Sleep that owns the Emma mattress featured on this site. Our researchers try their best to keep all details and promos updated but they may change any time. We do not compare all mattress brands in the market. Full details

Emma vs Noa

Mattress Criteria
Queen Price
Country of Manufacture
Number of Layers
3 foam layers
3 foam layers + pocket springs
Queen Weight
29 kg
49.8 kg
Mattress Depth
25 cm
28.5 cm
Multi-zone Support
Motion Isolation (Zero Partner Disturbance)
Contains Eco-friendly Foam
Ergonomic Handles
Machine-washable Mattress Cover
100 Night Trial
Warranty Length
10 years
15 years
Free Delivery & Returns
Allowed Number of Returns per Household Under Trial Period

Emma vs Noa




Best Overall Mattress in a Box 2022




Emma Mattress

  • Exceptional Comfort Support System
  • Ergonomic Design & Construction
  • Eco-friendly Foam

With multiple international awards from independent testing agencies combined with its relatively lower prices, the Emma mattress has become synonymous with value for money the world over. But how does it compare with its Australian counterparts?

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Good Value Hybrid Mattress




Noa Mattress

  • Good Value Pocket Spring
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Dust Mite and Anti-Bacterial Cover

The Canadian-owned mattress in a box brand with its 15 year warranty provides an affordable hybrid mattress option in the Australian market. But how does the Noa mattress actually stack up against the competition?

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The German-manufactured Emma and China-manufactured Noa mattress both provide a good degree of comfortsupport and breathability at a reasonable price. However the support system employed by the Emma mattress with its 7 zoned scheme provides a more tailored approach to addressing the different needs of different pressure zones. While the Noa mattress does have a cover layer that might have anti-dust mite and antibacterial properties, it cannot be removed and washed like the Emma mattress. So a mattress protector is especially recommended for use with the Noa.

Similar to the Sleeping Duck mattress however, the Noa hybrid mattress also has a relatively longer inflation time (up to 3 days) than the Emma (less than 1 day) and is considerably HEAVIER. A King-size Noa weighs 61 kg and is not easily managed by a single person. So for those with pre-existing back/shoulder/muscular conditions it might be prudent to consider the ergonomics of handling the mattress as well as its actual performance.

Like the Ecosa mattress, the Noa offers a 15 year warranty. However as mentioned previously the benefit reaped from the 5 year extension could be nominal depending on the extent of normal wear and tear within the first 10 years (average lifespan of a mattress). As you’ll wind up needing to buy a new mattress before the warranty is up anyways.

An advantage of choosing Emma over most other mattress in a box brands is that it does not limit the 100 night trial to only one mattress per household, as with Noa. So if you have any intention of purchasing more than one mattress in the same household, then Emma is the better choice as the 100 night trial applies for all purchases made, not just the first one. So people of differing preferences within the same household can take advantage of the 100 night trial which is great!

Overall, our opinion is that the Emma mattress still provides the better value in light of these aspects and remains the Best Overall Mattress in a Box 2020. However, if you are partial to the feel of a spring mattress the Noa mattress is nevertheless worth a shot.

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