Buying a new mattress can be challenging. With an endless number of mattress brands in the market, it does not come as a surprise for Australians to be overwhelmed with the choices. You want a mattress that’s guaranteed to give a good night’s sleep. To help with your decision, we have rounded up the top mattress brands in Australia.

We summarised and compared the major features of each of these mattresses below. Here, we considered the comfort, support, breathability, warranty, and value for money to easily weigh out your options.

Find the right mattress for you. Compare mattresses from Emma Sleep, Noa Home, Koala, and Ecosa that are all tried and tested. Continue reading on to learn more!

Best Mattress Overall: Emma Sleep

Best Mattress Overall: Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep was awarded the top spot by CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy organization that has been researching on behalf of consumers since 1959.

They measure a mattress’s firmness through scientific testing by simulating eight years’ worth of pressure. They also cover tests for usage wear/damage, comfort score, stabilization, sagging, and sweat repellent.

With their Emma Mattress review, they found that this mattress is guaranteed to give you consistent quality and comfort long term speaking. Today, the brand holds the title of being one of the most sold mattresses in the UK.

Despite being one of the more recent newcomers to the Australian mattress market, it has received numerous endorsements from independent and unbiased consumer associations worldwide such as Good Housekeeping and The Independent. It is also the “most awarded mattress in Europe 2019”.

As you would expect, this mattress has a high level of craftsmanship that surpasses any other top mattress brands in Australia.

Climate Regulation

The Emma Original Mattress is among the top mattress brands in Australia because it pays close attention to foam quality and comfort.

The top layer is made with an eco-friendly breathable foam and climate regulating cover that wicks moisture and prevents trapping heat. The open-pored cell structure allows good ventilation to regulate temperature levels, leaving you feeling cool and dry in both cold and hot environments.

Pressure Relief

The Emma Original Mattress is a highly ergonomic foam that distributes pressure evenly to different parts of the body. Its middle layer is a pressure-relieving 7 zone foam, which adapts to any sleeping position for all body types. You get to wake up free from body aches.

Spinal Alignment

Hate waking up to back aches every morning because of your bed? It may be high time to invest in the top mattress brands in Australia like Emma Sleep.

The idea of the Emma Original Mattress is to provide a durable counter-pressure foam that comfortably supports your lower back and make moving a breeze.

As the best in comfort when comparing the top mattress brands in Australia, a three-layered core was used in the Emma Original Mattress to adapt to any body shape and align your spine.

The bottom layer is a supportive point-plastic foam that has motion isolation or zero partner disturbance. You are guaranteed comfort however you sleep — even if you’re tossing and turning at night.

Eco-Friendly Breathable Comfort Cover

Made from environmentally-friendly materials, the breathable cover helps you keep cool all night, allowing you to experience the support of memory foam without the problem of making you feel too stuffy. The innovative layer wicks moisture away and the high-quality cover supports good air circulation.

Innovative European Design

The Emma Original Mattress is compact and can expand when you take it out of its sealed vacuum bag. Using state of the art and patented technology, its German manufacturers were able to determine how the mattress will react and support your body.

It is also Class 1 – OEKO TEX® Standard 100 certified, which means you can rest assured that every component is free from harmful substances and is safe for toddlers.

Ease of Handling and Transport

At 29 kgs (queen-size), the Emma Original Mattress is light. As a comparison, other top mattress brands in Australia such as the Ecosa Mattress are significantly heavier at 35 kgs. This makes it easy to carry and also easy to change the bedsheets. It is also machine-washable.

The Emma Original Mattress is arguably the best mattress in a box in Australia. The box features cut-out vertical handles and anti-slip elements that allow for easy transport and maneuvering even by a single person.

100 Night Trial

The Emma Original Mattress is truly risk-free with its 100-night trial offer. If you decide it’s not for you, you can send it back free of charge — no matter where your address is.

10 Year Warranty

All top mattress brands in Australia will come with a warranty to cover defects. With the Emma Original Mattress, you won’t have second doubts about choosing it as your new mattress. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


Among the top mattress brands in Australia, the Emma Original Mattress is the one that pays close attention to durability, comfort, and affordability all at the same time.

Size And Price:

These prices are about $200 cheaper compared to many other mattress competitors, making Emma Sleep among the top mattress brands in Australia that offer immense value for money.

Free Delivery

Stretching its cost-efficient factor, you don’t have to worry about paying to get the Emma Original Mattress to your home. As with other mattress-in-a-box options, the Emma Mattress can be conveniently ordered online and it will arrive at your doorstep FREE of the delivery charge.

Each Emma Original Mattress is delivered in metro areas for 1-3 days, while deliveries in rural areas for 3-5 days. They also offer to pick up the mattress from your address if you are not satisfied with a full refund.

That being said, the speed of delivery and warranty does not measure up quite as well with its contemporaries. Although once you receive it at your doorstep, it could very well be worth the wait and you won’t need to send it back.

Best For Softness: Noa

The Noa Mattress uses a unique hybrid design to offer you a good night’s sleep. This mattress consists of three primary layers that influence its firmness, feeling of comfort, and softness. It also features pocket springs to provide extra support.

If you prioritize the bounce and softness above all, you may want to go for the Noa Mattress. However, it’s worth noting that the Noa Mattress is quite costly compared to other top mattress brands in Australia.

Soft and Bouncy Foam

The top layer is an open-celled latex material for breathability and a bouncy feel. In the middle layer, gel-infused memory foam is used to avoid trapping heat and offer pressure relief. Lastly, the base layer is made with pocket springs to support you throughout different sleeping positions.

Faster Spring Back

The springs are the edge of the Noa Mattress among all the other top mattress brands in Australia. It is more convenient to get out of bed due to the sufficient amount of bounce it offers.

Value For Money

While the price of the Noa Mattress is higher than its counterparts, you may find its unique spring function enough to compensate for it.

Size and Price:

Free Shipping and Return

The Noa Mattress can be delivered to your doorstep with free shipping and return. However, it can be relatively harder to set up due to its staggering 50 kg weight. Make sure to ask for help when unboxing the Noa Mattress.

100 Night Trial and 15 Year Warranty

Shoppers will love the 100-night trial, which allows you to try the mattress and receive a refund if you discover the mattress is not for you. It also comes with a solid 15-year warranty.

Best For Support: Koala

Best For Support: Koala

The list of the top mattress brands in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a lightweight product. For this factor, the Koala Mattress is your go-to.

It can be easily transported and you get a lush feel of breathable foam made with Kloudcell™ and Ecofoam layers. However, it leans on the firmer side. They do offer a 120-night trial and 10-year warranty as well.


Weighing only 23 kgs (queen-size), the Koala Mattress is the lightest out of the four top mattress brands in Australia in this list. However, it lacks built-in handles which can mean requiring a second person for unboxing and setting up.

Better Air Flow

The Koala Mattress has been developed to be ultra-comfortable with the Kloudcell™ technology. It has an open-cell structure that makes ways for better airflow and temperature regulation.

Provides Optimum Support

Although the Koala mattress is made of only 2 foam layers, it is the most lightweight. The patented Kloudcell layer combines the properties of latex and memory foam, making it a good contender for the best memory foam mattress in Australia. The Ecofoam works to provide optimum support for the body. It also avoids disturbance from fidgeting partners. Together, these layers reach a middle ground of firmness and softness that Koala hopes are “just right” for sleepers.

Options For Express Delivery

In metro areas, the Koala Mattress can be delivered for free. It boasts of 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. To add to that, no cost is added upon returns from the same city points. Outside of the metro, express delivery is still free but it can take between 1 to 10 days to arrive.

Higher Price Point

Investing in the top mattress brands in Australia can cause quite a large amount of money. Although not as affordable as its counterparts like the Emma Original Mattress, the Koala Mattress can be your newest sleeping buddy with optimum support.

Size and Price:

Best For Customization: Ecosa

Ecosa Mattress is also among the top mattress brands in Australia due to its customizability. It allows you to adjust the mattress firmness and has added breathability, and a waterproof cover.

Options For Foam Swapping

With the option of swapping foam layers between firm, medium, and medium-firm, this is the most customizable among the top mattress brands in Australia.

Supports Spine Alignment

Engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment, the Ecosa mattress aims to minimize back pain while sleeping using the ergonomic support foam layer. It also aims to avoid disturbance to anyone else you’re sharing the bed with.

Regulates Temperature

Its G-7 Gel Memory Foam layer is infused with gel particles for temperature regulation; and its ECO-Tex Memory Foam layer has an open-cell design that’s bouncy like latex, only more durable and breathable.

Dust Mite-Free

The Ecosa Mattress uses German micro-filament technology to keep the mattress waterproof and dust mite-free. The removable Tencel cover is easy to machine wash as well.

100 Night Trial and 15 Year Warranty

Ecosa offers a 100-night trial, which is the typical rate for top mattress brands in Australia. The Ecosa Mattress offers same-day delivery in the metro and is backed with a 15-year warranty.

Ease Of Unboxing

The Ecosa Mattress arrives with wheels and handles for easy transport. However, it may require additional manpower assistance when unboxing as it is heavier than other top mattress brands in Australia at 35 kgs (queen-size).

Higher Price Point

While back and side sleepers will appreciate its adjustable firmness, the Ecosa Mattress can be more costly. If you’re under a budget, you might want to consider this factor.

Size and Price:


Choose The Top Mattress Brands In Australia: Emma Sleep!

Buying a mattress is never easy. For this reason, we have compared four top mattress brands in Australia to help you find the one that fits your needs.

The clear winner for the overall best mattress is from Emma Sleep because it combines all desirable mattress properties and ensures value for money. Its straightforward yet effective design delivers on the award-winning quality at an affordable price offered.

Click here to shop for the Emma Original mattress. Accompany it with a selection of the Emma Microfiber Pillow for added comfort. A good night’s sleep is just a mattress away!