When looking for the best mattress in Australia this 2023, it is a good idea to compare the different brands in the market and their specifications. Instead of reading up on features and benefits on each website—which can take a lot of your time—we provided a comprehensive list here for you. Finding the perfect product from the top mattress brands in Australia has never been easier. Keep on reading!

Top 5 Mattresses in Australia

Top 5 Mattresses in Australia

When it comes to memory foam and mattresses in a box, 5 reputable brands in the country come to mind. With a lot of positive reviews for each company, you might be confused about what is the best mattress in Australia this 2023. The good thing is each one has a notable feature that sets them apart.

Best Overall Choice: Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep is the best mattress in Australia this 2023 if you want to experience premium quality for your money. All 3 layers of foam are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1, which means that it is harmless enough for toddlers to sleep on. It is also lightweight which makes unboxing and transport easy.

Aside from that, the Emma Mattress also offers comfortable memory foam with motion isolation, zero partner disturbance, climate regulation technology for hot sleepers, 7 zone support, and pressure relief support for all kinds of sleepers. The cover is machine washable, and prices start at only $580, which is the most affordable for its features among the brands.

Best for Customizability: Sleeping Duck

If you have a specific preference when it comes to customizing your mattress, then we think that the best mattress available in Australia this 2023 for you is the Sleeping Duck. Offering firmness customizability, you can choose from medium, firm, and half-half options.

If you sleep with a partner, each side of the mattress can also be customized according to your preference. 6 polyurethane foams on each half can be reshuffled as you like. You can also call Sleeping Duck for additional foams if you want added support to a specific body part. A single-sized mattress will set you $999 for all these features.

Best for Back Sleepers: Koala

Most mattress reviews in Australia note the Koala Mattress as the most lightweight product. Because of the company’s very own KloudCell top layer, it is the best mattress in Australia this 2023 for back and front sleepers. The surface will feel cool to the touch when slept on. Due to the medium firmness, it is also not too soft or hard to sleep on for most people.

Aside from this, the KloudCell technology used also provides breathability so you can prevent overheating when sleeping on your back. It is made with 2 layers of foam and a single mattress will set you back $750.

Best for Comfort: Noa Home

As Noa Home is rated with medium firmness, most sleepers will appreciate this mattress, with light sleepers and stomach sleepers needing a bit of adjustment. According to a Noa mattress review, the core is made with hybrid memory foam and spring pockets, providing much-needed support for many.

What makes Noa Home the best mattress in Australia this 2023 for comfort is the 3 layered foam. The softness of the open-celled latex foam provides breathability and a bouncy feel, while the gel layer distributes pressure evenly across the mattress. The single option is priced at $799 on their website.

Best for Kids: Ecosa

If you have kids, then you may have already given up on finding the best mattress in Australia this 2023. But fret not as Ecosa will offer you a solution. This is thanks to the removable outer cover which can easily be machine washed in room temperature water.

The inner cover is also waterproof, ensuring that spills won’t ruin the foam layers inside.
If your child is allergic to dust mites, you can also rely on the covers’ microfilament features which prevent these allergens from accumulating. A single mattress is listed on their website for $799.

Comparison of The Best Mattresses in Australia (2023)

Comparison of The Best Mattresses in Australia (2021)

To determine which is the best mattress in Australia for you this 2023, we will be comparing each brand by getting a side-by-side view of each specification. The finer details will help you choose the best option for you depending on what you need.


The best mattress available in Australia this 2023 according to the price point is the Emma Sleep Mattress, which is available for as low as $699 for the single option. When looking at the other sizes from Double to King, their price tag remains the most affordable choice.

Emma Sleep

Single: $580 | Double: $750 | King Single: $640 | Queen: $810 | King: $860

Sleeping Duck

Single: $999 | King Single: $1099 | Double: $1349 | Queen: $1649 | King: $1799


Single: $750 | King Single: $850 | Double: $950 |Queen: $1050 | King: $1250

Noa Home

Single: $799 | King Single: $899 | Double: $999 | Queen: $1099 | King: $1199


Single: $799 | Long Single: $849 | King Single: $899 | Double: $999 | Queen: $1099 | King: $1199 | Super King: $1499

Delivery and Returns

Free and fast shipping is a factor in determining the best mattress in Australia this 2023. All brands offer free shipping in returns, but Koala and Ecosa have same-day delivery.

Emma Sleep:

Sleeping Duck:


Noa Home:


Trial Length

If you’re buying online, you might be unsure if a product is for you. If you decide to purchase the best mattress in Australia for 2023, it is important to try it for yourself to know if you will like it. Fortunately, all 5 brands offer a limited time for you to make your conclusion. Koala has the longest trial length at 120 days.

Emma Sleep: 100-night trial

Sleeping Duck: 100-night trial

Koala: 120-night trial

Noa Home: 100-night trial

Ecosa: 100-night trial


You can have peace of mind knowing that all the 5 brands offer lengthy warranty periods, with Noa Home and Ecosa offering 5 years more. No other brands will offer at least 10 years of warranty if they are not confident in the durability and quality of their mattress.

Emma Sleep: 10 years

Sleeping Duck: 10 years

Koala: 10 years

Noa Home: 15 years

Ecosa: 15 years

Foam Layers

When it comes to foam layers, all the components work together to make a comfortable sleeping surface. All 5 brands have 3 layers, with only the Koala mattress having 2—making it the lightest option. The Sleeping Duck mattress is the heaviest, but it also offers detailed customization for the user along with Ecosa. Emma Mattress is the only one with 7-zone foam that relieves pressure and adapts to your body.

Motion Isolation

Whether you have a sleeping partner or not, the best mattress in Australia for 2023 should have motion isolation features. This ensures zero partner disturbance even if you toss and turn, so the other person won’t wake up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, all 5 brands have this technology built into their mattress.


Perhaps the most trusted reviewer of the best mattress in Australia for 2023 are various institutions such as OEKO-TEX, GECA, CETEC, REACH, and CertiPUR-US. All 5 brands have gone through testing to let you know that their materials are safe.

Emma Sleep

Sleeping Duck


Noa Home


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