What do you need to know about when choosing a mattress for couples?

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  1. Consider your room size
  2. Agree on the firmness
  3. Discuss how much you are willing to spend
  4. Look for motion isolation features
  5. Check for back support

Sharing a bed with your significant other might be great for watching a movie or cuddling, but things may not be great when it comes to sleeping. If you can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep beside your partner, let this guide to choosing a mattress for couples help you out.

Combined body heat, disruptive tossing and turning, and small spaces can all hinder a couple’s ability to achieve optimal rest. Fortunately, finding the perfect mattress is key to isolating movements and improving sleep quality.

The search for the perfect mattress can be difficult when you want to provide comfort for two different sleepers. With our extensive research and experience in the mattress industry, we’ve gathered some of the top mattress brands in Australia for couples and the factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

Consider Your Room Size

Consider Your Room Size

There are several factors to think about before choosing a mattress for couples. One of the most important and conspicuous being room size. Arguably, you will never have a good night’s sleep as a couple if the mattress is too big or too small compared to the bedroom size.

With this in mind, you have to remember to choose a mattress size that matches your room size. The different mattress sizes typically include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King sizes.

King, California King, and Queen-Size Mattresses

These mattresses are ideal for couples because they leave just enough room for two people. No matter the sleeping position, couples will less likely encroach on each other’s side of the bed, and therefore sleep more comfortably to that effect.

Twin XL Mattress

The twin XL mattress is ideal for tall couples that share a smaller room. They’re also versatile because they adjust to the height of children, especially for toddlers and growing teenagers. Unlike the queen-size mattress, the twin XL offers extra foot room and width without consuming too much space.

Agree on the Firmness

Mattress firmness refers to how soft or hard the mattress feels when you lie down on it. Choosing a mattress together as a couple can be challenging primarily because both sleepers will have differing firmness preferences. There also isn’t a standardized measurement for firmness that the mattress manufacturing industry follows. For example, One brand could use number scales from 1 to 10, while others can use labels such as “soft”, “medium”, or “firm”.

Among mattress reviews in Australia, however, some brands are proven to let couples enjoy an adaptive feel with products designed for every firmness preference.

Emma Sleep Hybrid

Take the Emma Sleep Hybrid mattress for example. It lets couples enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the highest quality foams with a layer of premium pocket springs. The result is unparalleled comfort for many couples.

The Sleeping Duck SD Mach II

This Sleeping Duck variant is also a great mattress choice for couples because of its Half-Half firmness feature. It is a highly customizable split mattress that lets you choose different firmness on each side. For those who can’t find a middle ground in one mattress, this could be the go-to.

Discuss How Much You are Willing to Spend

Discuss How Much You are Willing to Spend

The prices of mattresses can vary drastically. Nevertheless, they can still cost a hefty amount. The lower-cost brands such as Emma Sleep offer mattresses for as low as $999 (twin size), while those in the upper end of the scale such as the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid are priced at $1,249 (twin size).

For couples who are making a decision collectively, make sure to discuss how much you are willing to spend. Knowing your budget helps navigate through the mattress options better and helps choose one that is priced reasonably without sacrificing comfort preferences.

For couples who have a budget in mind, you may want to consider buying the best mattress in a box in Australia online. This mattress type is typically made with higher quality, longer warranty, and convenient delivery, all at a more affordable price tag.

Look for Motion Isolation Features

You and your partner may have very different daily schedules and the last thing you want to do is wake each other up when getting in and out of bed. Your partner might also toss and turn at night which can disrupt sleep quality. For this reason, many couples choose a mattress with the least amount of motion transfer, especially if one or both of them are light sleepers.

Couples must look for motion isolation features when they purchase a mattress. Memory foam mattresses like the Emma Original and Noa Mattress, for example, are great choices for couples. Their supportive foam layers help absorb motion, effectively reducing sleep disruption for either partner.

Check for Back Support

Check for Back Support

When choosing a mattress for couples, understand that firmness and support are different considerations. As stated earlier, firmness refers to the immediate experience felt when lying on the mattress such as softness and hardness. On the flip side, support refers to how well the mattress keeps your back and spine aligned.

When it comes to mattress support, the goal is to maintain a neutral spine, while still meeting firmness preferences. For couples, this factor is even more crucial. It is basic science: the more weight placed on the mattress, the more pressure, and therefore, more is needed for back support.

If you sleep on a mattress with poor back support, it will sink toward the heavier partner. The tendency is the lighter partner will roll towards the heavier partner, which can lead to disturbed sleep. Undoubtedly, back support is directly related to what the mattress is made of — whether foam, memory, innerspring, or hybrid.

For couples, a memory foam mattress may be the ideal choice as it is the type of mattress that matches the contours of the body instead of compressing when pressure is applied. It distributes weight evenly and relieves pressure, therefore providing proper back support.

Key Takeaway

This guide to choosing a mattress for couples rounds up all you need to know to get a good night’s sleep as a pair. It may seem too challenging to agree on one mattress, but the purchasing process can be made easier with a mattress that satisfies both your differing sleep preferences.

Keep in mind that when choosing a mattress, consider the size, firmness, budget, back support, motion isolation, and other features. Take each partner’s preferences into consideration to come up with an all-around mattress for both of you.

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